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Why couldn't the other agencies fill these jobs?

We have just started collating some #feedback from our #clients and #candidates and have been bowled over by the response. However, it has left me thinking. What is it that we are doing differently to find these businesses their people? I must admit my conclusion led me straight back to why I set up #Rockpool and everything that our vision stood for.

3 of the clients that I have worked with in the last 4 weeks explained they had been using well established Specialist #Recruitment Businesses for several weeks for the same roles that we filled for them within 2 weeks. These #recruitment businesses will have large databases, established consultants and probably deeper pockets than we do right now to invest in volume marketing. So why could they not fill the roles for these clients – after all this is what they #specialise in ? I believe it comes down to how much the consultant that is working on your #vacancy cares, how much they want to help you and the candidates they are working with.

At #Rockpool we have invested wisely in our #marketing ensuring we are ahead of the game in the right places and are using a method that enables us to really tailor our “attract and engage” techniques to reach your ideal audience. This is a very #bespoke method – it does not cost the client anymore but it ensures we maximise the chance of finding their person.

But more than this; we #care; really #care about doing not just a good job for you, but an outstanding job. We listen, react quickly and we never give up. We exist to make your life easier when it comes to #recruitment, so we do exactly that – you may only receive 2 CVs from us but they will both be #outstanding and we will have probably spoken to 50 – 100 plus people to get to these two.

#Goodservice is an over used term these days – everyone claims to give it, but I’m so proud to say that after receiving all the following comments from clients after just 12 weeks of being in business, that at #Rockpool we are definitely #delivering it. We are #walkingthetalk and we are loving every minute of it. Thank you to all our #clients and #candidates who are on this journey with us. We are very #grateful for the opportunity to work with every single one of you.

What our Clients have said about us:

"#Rockpool very quickly understood what my company needed from the new staff member. I felt I was being given a very #personal service, not just being sent a few CVs they happened to have lying around. They found me a great selection of #candidates to choose from and all had something distinct to offer. Amongst these was the perfect individual. I would definitely use them again and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend."

Kathryn May

Bury Hill Estate Management Ltd

“When I saw the advert for Rockpool Recruitment on Instagram I decided to give Sarah a call. I had never used a #recruitment agency before so wasn’t sure what it entailed, financially or otherwise. Sarah came to my house and I immediately felt warm and comfortable answering her questions about our company. She was so interested to learn everything she could about us to enable her to find the exact fit for the roles. I didn't feel at all pressured and #Rockpool Recruitment would definitely be my first port of call for the next time staff are required. “

Lesley Haylock

Beryl & Pegs, Owner

"It has been a great pleasure to work with Sarah and to see her astute acumen, sharp eye for detail and excellent customer service reflected in the recruitment process offered by Rockpool. Sarah’s ability to spot the right talent for our needs has ensured that we have secured the ideal candidate with the minimum of time and effort on our part. This has allowed us to carry on with our daily business, unhindered by a deluge of #CVs and #interviews. We would have no hesitation in #recommending Sarah and #Rockpool."

Head of HR for Travel Business, London

"Sarah is friendly, #approachable, #helpful and #understanding. She successfully filled both the roles we were hiring for in a relatively short time frame after we had failed to find suitable people via advertising campaigns and IT recruitment consultants. Sarah demonstrates professionalism and passion in her work. I really appreciated her quick response, #efficiency and prompt follow-up to my requests and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend #Rockpool Recruitment’s bespoke services."

Laura Ellam, KAPPA Engineering


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