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The Rockpool Treatment

All our candidates will get the #RockpoolTreatment. You won't get wet but you will come out sparkling!

We believe that our job as a recruitment consultancy is more than just introducing you to potential employers - the preparation we will help you with before you meet any of our clients will give you the absolute best chance at being offered the job. In fact it will increase your chances of receiving an offer by 25%.

It starts from the moment we #register you - we ensure we really find out what is important to you in your next move and when we find that opportunity for you, we pull out all the stops in supporting you to make the right impression. This doesn't mean we know what questions they are going to ask or prep you with what they want to hear; it means we do our job at helping you to show the best version of you.

Interviews can be nerve wrecking. Some of us won't have had a "proper" interview for years. Quite often we have stayed at the same company for a while and extra responsibilities have evolved over time and before we know it we are a manager running a department but may not have had an #interview. Or we may have got a job through a friend which involved a chat over a coffee ending with a hand shake and a "welcome aboard". So when we are faced with an interview date and told we will be meeting 2 Managers and will need to allow 90 minutes and there will be a can feel a bit daunting.

This is where the Rockpool Treatment comes in. We are informed, equipped and experienced at helping candidates deliver at interviews. This is what we do. So if you want to give yourself the best chance at getting that new job, register with us today and let us help you find that new opportunity. your happy.


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