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The average woman thinks about quitting her job 17 times a year.

“The average woman thinks about quitting her job 17 times a year and more than that – not just quitting but thinking about getting out of what they are doing and cross training 10 times a year.

OnePoll surveyed 2000 full time and part time employed women in Britain in September 2018.

Of the women sampled a third (34%) actually took the plunge and retrained, and one in five (22%) were actively thinking about it.

The fact that we apparently battle through 671 workplace arguments from when we start working to the day we retire, might have something to do with our supposed sense of dissatisfaction. Or that we clock 82,802 miles commuting, a distance that's at least three times the Earth’s circumference.”*

These are certainly statistics that I can personally relate to. I would often think about #quitting and for me this was down to trying to fit my #job around being a Mum at the same time…I was always thinking of ways I could have a better #worklifebalance. I cross trained into Reflexology at one point and opened up an evening Dance School part time around my main #job to try and build up a business that would allow me to work more flexibly. Even when my #employer was extremely flexible allowing me to work in a managerial role part-time, the school holidays still presented a huge headache. I loved what I did but the extra dynamic of fitting it around my main priority of my children was very stressful.

We need more employers to look at #flexibleworking as a win win for both #employer and #employee. In one company I worked at, the top 4 performers in the business were all part time working mums. They were extremely talented, dedicated and conscientious and were bringing in more money than some full time staff.

At #Rockpool I have been delighted to have helped some very talented women back into the workplace in a part time capacity – in fact 20% of the positions I have placed in the last 6 months have been part-time.

I appreciate that these statistics will certainly not only be about raising a family - women without children will also be having these thoughts as will men ( I’d love to see the results of research here ). However, the headline struck a chord with me and my experience and I can totally relate to those numbers.

If you can relate too, for whatever reason and would like to have a chat about your options give me a call 01306 779199 or email me your CV

*Source : Goodhousekeeping article - OnePoll for AAT, surveyed 2,000 full-time and part-time employed women in Britain from 11 September 2018 to 14 September 2018.


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