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"Rockpool? What's that got to do with recruitment?"

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

I've had a few different reactions to the name of my new business Rockpool Recruitment, so thought I'd write something on how it came about.

In various scenarios over the years I have spoken with friends about what we would hypothetically call our own recruitment company and those conversations went on for ...well...years! I don't think we ever agreed or settled on anything that we were all happy with. Anagrams of our names, a mix of our initials, words that epitomise "Excellence". Then there was the obligatory brainstorm of random phrases like Yellow Hippo, Purple Square - all things that mean nothing but would make us stand out. But we never got there.

So when I finally made the decision to go it alone, I was ready for several months of exploring names again. Luckily that didn't need to happen. I was stood in the kitchen with my husband having a cup of tea and he said "why don't you just base it on something you love ...what about Rockpool Recruitment?" And that was it. I LOVE Cornwall, I have been there every year on holiday since I was born, and I love rockpooling with my boys.

I then started thinking about how appropriate this word was to what my business would be doing and got really excited....thoughts about the discovery of new things, the journey of exploring, the pool of professionals, the discovery of a star, the fact that hours just fly by without a thought to look at the clock, the little communities, the large communities, the variety and uniqueness of each pool, the wash of new beginnings the tides bring in, the leaving of no stone unturned, the adventure, the fun, the excitement, the joy, the unknown.....Rockpool. I love it and I hope you do too.

We specialise in the travel industry but are also recruiting for local business across all disciplines. Please call 07970 073339 or email to register a vacancy or talk to me about your future career. Discover Your Happy.


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